About Us

Jeanette Cole, owner
Jeanette Cole
James Cole, co-owner
James Cole, co-owner

Our Vision

We are here to help you get your work out for the world to see. If nobody knows you have a book on the shelf, then it is no help to anyone and it will not earn you an income. That is where we come in. We want to guide you in the right direction and make your book 'shine' and be brighter than all the other books around it. Contact us and see how easy the process is!

Our Story

As we were researching our own book process, we figured out that it is not as easy as some might think to get your book on the market. It takes a lot of time--and sometimes a lot of money. We didn't have a lot of either, so it took a while to get through it. While on the journey, we found some easier ways that we knew could help others. We understand that there is no cut and dry way of writing, publishing, and marketing your book. We do, however, have a game plan that will definitely help!

Meet the Team

Zackary Hughes

Zackary Hughes

IT and Development

Zack is a computer 'genius' and helps to keep things running smoothly. He is a valuable part of our team and we couldn't do it without him.

Shayna Cole

Shayna Cole

Research and Development Specialist

Shayna has the knack for getting things done. She has fine-tuned much of the process and has streamlined the many different projects of this busy, fast paced company.


Becky Brown, children's author and poet

Becky needed a website to start inspiring others with her poems. We helped her set up her website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. She is getting new followers every day. This will help her to market her children's books when she gets them published.


She recently released her new Children's book "Christian the Chipmunk Goes to the Library". We were very happy to help her make her dream a reality.

Paranormal Romance Writer

Diane Ferguson, Paranormal Romance writer

Diane wants to start getting her brand out there before she releases her first book. She is currently in the editing stage and is planning to publish by the end of the year! She is getting her website in order and starting to branch out on Facebook.



Darlene Underwood, author of Destiny's Journey

Darlene just released her first book titled Destiny's Journey! We helped her with her author platform so she could start marketing it. She has also started posting on Facebook. Darlene is a minister and is blogging her 'God Whispers' to her website.



The Scenic City's Writer's Group

The Write Scene, The Scenic City's Writer's Group

This Chattanooga writer's group needed an platform to keep their local writer's base informed. We set them up with a website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. They are keeping the writers and authors in the Tennessee Valley well informed!



Next Steps...

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