Who? What? Why? Where?

Answer these four questions before writing your book.

  1. Who: You need to figure out who your audience is, and be specific. If you think you want to write to everybody, you need to think again. Not everybody will be interested in what you are writing about. So, who will?  Think in terms or men, women, kids, Christians, action junkies, etc.
  2.  What: Next, what do you want your audience to know? Do you        have a wealth of information on a particular subject? Your experience makes you a type of expert on those types of subjects. Take full advantage of that!
  3. Why: Why are you writing this book? To help others or to inform them about something? Or, maybe just to scare them or make them question everything. Either way, you need to know why you are writing your book in the first place. Be intentional and have a purpose for your writing.  Your book should have a mission statement. After all, isn’t this your personal business?
  4. Where: Where is your audience? There are 8 different fields your readers will be located. This will help narrow down the area of interest for your target audience. Here are the 8 fields: a)home b)medical c)government d)education e)business f)regions g)arts h)ministries.

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